SHINee bright like a Taemin
LEE TAEMIN - The always improving maknae, vocalist and main dancer of SHINee (SM's idol group which is known for the hardcore dance choreographies combined with top quality live singing). 18 July 1993. Blood B. 175 cm.

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what if shinee were youtubers?
inspired by x
requested by bry + her youtube!au fic

Jonghyun Grow


lyrics by: jonghyunwinchester and dothekaisoo

'Jonghyun Grow'

a theme song dedicated by shawols LOooOOOOoL ^^b

Internet ‘OTPs’ War feat.
jongho was about to happen… but /sighs,
2min weren’t even trying pffft,
jongyu? no? /sighs (it happened tho, just not in fancams I found so far),
onkey were… oh well Key LOLed at Onew then left,
minkey again!,
jongho was about to happen… but /deja vu,
a bit of onkey finally aww
taekey aww nope, Key ignored Taem.

140406 (140407 KST) SHINee SWC 3 in Chile - Macarena OT5 focus Taemin focus

OnTae Macarena Chile GIFSET:

More random sets from 140406 Chile:

Naughty bb Taemin got spanked by Key (321) &

Waist grabbing by Taem to Jjong

Taem snugling to Jjong

Another Gifset of the Jongtae mating dance &

2min Macarena in Mexico

Jongyu Macarena in Chile

~*brb bathing in shipper’s tears of shiny joy*~